1966 Vintage 426 HEMI FOR SALE—Restored—SOLD

LOCATION: Papillion, Nebraska (just outside Omaha)
CONTACT: David at dsutter@igs2.net

I recently sold my 1971 Cuda project car (see pictures of it at the bottom of this web page) so that I could purchase another '71 Cuda already done. I sold my original project car without its drivetrain, and I purchased the new Cuda with a fully-restored 426 HEMI engine and brand new Tremec 5-speed transmission. My plan is to transplant the engine and transmission I kept back from my project car into the new Cuda. That means the vintage 426 HEMI and the 5-speed Tremec are both for sale.

I’ve posted a series of photos showing the engine during its restoration. It is not only beautiful, but it runs flawlessly. It is currently installed in the new Cuda I bought. I’m gently and gradually breaking it in. I’ve included a couple of photos below of the engine as it currently appears in the engine bay of my new, Sassy Grass ’71 Cuda.

The engine has cross-bolted mains. The intake manifold is an authentic Mopar part, single-barrel with the Mopar logo and Chrysler Pentastar embossed on it. The casting number on the intake is: P4582784. The heads are cast iron. The full casting number on the block is 2468330-1 RL, and the date code is 32866.

As much as I’d like to keep the 426 and the Tremec 5-speed, I have custom-built, new-style 472 HEMI and transmission sitting in my garage waiting for the transplant. Since I’m taking the restomod approach with my car, there is no need for me to have the prestige of a classic HEMI in it. I figure the vintage nature of the 426 would serve someone else better—someone who is doing an authentic restoration of a classic Mopar.

Please let me know if you have any interest in the 426 HEMI and/or the Tremec 5-speed. I’ll be happy to answer any questions or provide any other information if you need it. YOU CAN SEE AND HEAR IT RUN! Contact me via e-mail at dsutter@igs2.net


SOLD 1971 Cuda Project FOR SALE

LOCATION: Papillion, Nebraska (just outside Omaha)

This car is originally a 318 Barracuda (BH23G1B375609), currently in the process of being cloned into a HEMI Cuda.

Here’s its story:

My favorite muscle car is a 1971 Cuda. I’d always wanted to own one. I was planning to buy a car in need of restoration so I could build my own when I discovered this car in December 2007. It was a HEMI Cuda clone restoration project already underway. The hardest part—the metal/body work—was already done.

The previous owner had spared no expense to get the car to the point where it was on verge of getting paint. To make a long story short, though, the previous owner had a falling-out with the restoration company he was working with. The restoration company sat the car body outside while the owner went through legal recourse to reposess it. The car body sat unprotected and exposed to the elements for more than two months. The previous owner became disenchanted with the project after the legal battle and offered it up for sale. I bought it from him with the plan to complete the car myself.

I bought the car as a shell (just as you see it in the pictures on this page)—no engine and no transmission. I have done nothing with the body itself since I purchased it. It’s been sitting in dry storage for the past year while I focused all my efforts on collecting and refurbishing all the interior/exterior parts and accessories for the car. It’s been an extremely busy year—most of the parts necessary for reassembly of the car are done and ready (see the photos and information below for details). Please note: as a result of the time the car body sat outside unprotected and exposed to the elements, it acquired blemishes of surface rust—nothing serious at all. The body is absolutely solid and excellent! In order to restore this car properly, my plan was to blast the body again and re-prep it before paint. You may want to do the same.

Due to a culmination of different factors, I’m regretably having to sell my project car before I can complete it. I’ve invested a considerable amount of time and money into this car. I’ve devoted a great amount of attention and passion towards the restoration. I was building the car of my dreams, a Cuda sporting all my favorite features including rallye gauges, shaker hood, console, elastomeric bumpers, manual transmission and (of course) a HEMI.

Well, I offer up this Cuda project to you so that you can take what I have and build your own dream car. This project is VERY complete. It DOES NOT, however, include any drivetrain (engine or transmission). I’ve done my best to detail EVERYTHING out here for you so that there should be no uncertainty as to what this project is and what it isn’t. I strived to make this car SHOW QUALITY, so you will notice—as you review the photos and information below—that the pieces and parts I’ve accumulated or refurbished over the past year are absolutely top-notch.

NOTE: The lower portion of the passenger side rear quarter was dinged slightly during transport of the car while it was being repossessed from the restoration shop by the previous owner (see photo at the left).

I couldn’t take photos of every item I have for this Cuda. There’s just too much stuff. Instead, I’ve selected just a few items to exhibit in the pictures, but below the photos I’ve included a complete list of everything that comes with this deal.

Shaker & Hood Components
» shaker hood ring (refurbished)
» shaker mounting kit (mint new)
» shaker washer set (mint new)
» shaker bubble (mint new)
» shaker adapter ring, fiberglass (mint new)
» shaker baseplate, fiberglass(mint new)
» shaker hood seal (mint new)
» shaker ground straps (mint new)
» shaker trim ring gasket (mint new)
» shaker hood trim ring nuts (mint new)
» shaker grilles (mint new)
» shaker baseplate support feet (mint new)
71 Cuda Grille
» grille (refurbished orig)
» “cheese-grater” grille inserts (mint)
» headlight rings (mint)
» grille mounting hardware kit (mint new)
» outer grille trim (mint orig)
» grille insert trim (mint orig)
Center Console
» console (excellent orig)
» console door (mint new)
» console ashtray and trim ring (excellent orig)
» console woodgrain plate, manual trans (exc. orig)
» console lock (excellent orig)
» console hinge (excellent orig)
» dash frame (orig NEEDS blasted & painted)
» dash pad (mint new)
» left dash trim (excellent orig)
» right dash trim (excellent orig)
» glovebox liner (mint new)
» glovebox door hardware (excellent orig)
» dash emblem (mint new)
Interior Components
» seats, front & back (orig refurbished—comes with brand new Challenger-style legendary seat covers already installed)
» seat covers (mint new, 71 Cuda-style)
» headliner (mint new)
» seat foam (mint new)
» carpet (mint new)
» door panels, front & rear (mint new)
» door panel clips (mint new)
» seat backs (mint new)
» armwrest pads (mint new)
» kick panels (mint new)
» pillar post moldings (mint new)
» rear sail panels (mint new)
» headliner insulation (mint new)
» sill plates (mint new)
» sill plate screws (mint new)
Interior Components
» deluxe package tray (mint new)
» package tray insulation (mint new)
» light bulb kit (mint new)
» sunvisors pads (2) (mint new)
» sunvisors bases (excellent orig)
» sunvisor tips (mint new)
» sunvisor caps (mint new)
» dome light bezel & lens (excellent orig)
» seat belts, front & rear (mint new)
» rear view mirror (excellent orig)
» ashtray (refurbished orig)
» ashtray bumpers (mint new)
Interior Components
» steering column & crush can (refurbished orig)
» foot dimmer switch (mint new)
» door lock & keys (+ ignition) (mint new)
» turn signal lever (mint new)
Emblems, Decals & Handles
» hemicuda nameplates (mint new)
» shaker hood emblem nuts (mint new)
» shaker underhood decal (mint new)
» window handle cranks (4) (mint new)
» door lock levers (2) (mint new)
» inside door handles (2) (mint new)
» outside door handles (2) (mint new)
» cuda door panel emblem (2) (mint new)
» emblem nuts (mint new)
» tail panel emblems (mint new)
» hood to cowl seal (mint new)
» park lamps (excellent orig)
» license plate lens (mint new)
» rear license plate spring & bracket (orig refurbished)
» front license plate bracket (mint new)
» license plate bumpers (mint new)
» sidemarkers & lenses (front & rear) (mint new)
» sidemarker nuts (mint new)
» 71 tail light housing (orig excellent)
» 71 tail light paint bezels (mint new)
» 71 chrome taillight bezel (mint new)
» 71 tail light lenses (mint new)
Underhood & Trunk Components
» cowl screens (orig excellent)
» hood pin kit & brackets
» under hood & trunk kit (mint new)
» hood bumper kit (mint new)
» hood wedges (mint new)
» trunk mat (mint new)
» trunk divider board (mint new)
» trunk bumper stops (mint new)
» trunk lock (mint new)
» trunk hinges (orig refurbished)
» trunk hinge brackets (orig refurbished)
Rallye Gauges
» rallye gauge cluster (refurbished orig - mint)
» woodgrain & plates (mint new)
» gauge black bezel (mint new)
» gauge lens (mint new)
» heater control panel (mint new)
» fuel/oil bezel (mint new)
» heater bezel (mint new)
» rallye light bar (excellent orig)
» rallye wiring harness (mint new)
» dash switch panel (mint new)
» switch panel bezel (mint new)
» switch panel knobs (mint new)
» reset knobs (mint new)
» rallye indicator light tubes (mint new)
Exterior Components
» side sport mirrors, plus gaskets (mint new)
» remote mirror bezel (mint new)
» fender gill set (mint new)
» fender gill back plates (mint new)
» resto paint gasket set (mint new)
» weatherstrip kit (mint new)
Exterior Components
» new bumpers—elastomeric (mint new)
» rear bumper guards (mint new)
» bumper bolt set (mint new)
» rear valance with exhaust tip cutouts (orig refurbished)
» rear valance brackets (orig refurbished)
» front valance & rear valance hardware kits (mint new)
» body plug kit (mint new)
» deck lid with holes drilled for spoiler (orig refurbished)
» front valance (orig refurbished)
» front valance insert (orig excellent)
Exterior Components
» heavy duty leaf springs (mint new)
» cop car rallye wheels (orig IN PROCESS of refurbishing)
» gas tank & straps (mint new)
» gas cap (mint new)
» gas tank anti-squeak pads (mint new)
» gas tank sending unit (mint new)
» gas tank heat shields (pair) (mint new)
» gas pedal kit (mint new)
» parking brake unit w/ release lever (orig refurbished)
Exterior Components
» dana 60 rear end, custom-built to b-body width (orig refurbished)
» dana 60 chrome differential cover (mint new)
» windshield (mint new)
» windshield molding clips (mint new)
» back glass (mint new)
» rear glass molding clips (mint new)
» door glass (mint new)
» quarter glass (mint new)
Unfinished Parts
» power steering pump
» transmission bracket
» sway bar
» bumper brackets
» headlight buckets/assemblies
» driveshaft
» k-member and front suspension (factory disc brakes)
» window & door chrome trim (very good to excellent condition but not refurbished)
» other misc. small parts and components
Complete record of all purchases!
Still Needed, and not included in this deal
» engine and all engine components
» tranmission and all transmission components
» radiator, shroud, fan, tranny cooler, hoses, etc.
» clutch/brake pedal assembly
» exhaust
» fuel & transmission fluid lines
» tires
» battery & cables
» voltage regulator
» horns
» antenna
» rear brakes
» speedometer cable
» parking brake cables
» headlight & taillight wiring harnesses
» other misc. small parts

Below are some more pictures of the car body, particularly of the trunk floors,
floor pans, underside and engine bay.